About Us & What We Do

The primary aim of CDFHS is to provide any individual in need with low-cost, affordable items - primarily furniture, but our scope has expanded in recent years to include all types of household items.

We collect free of charge, repair and redistribute items from the County Durham area which would otherwise go into landfill, while also making available thousands of items of furniture and household goods every year to people from the region. We are widely recognised for our positive environmental impact and helped save some 150 tonnes of items from entering the refuse system in the last year alone!

Our Aims

To relieve poverty in particular by the provision of furniture and household goods recycling service to those people resident in County Durham who are in necessitous circumstances. To support those in need, we must in turn rely on the generosity and support of the local community.

We are a registered charity (charity number 1112344) and a Not for Profit Company limited by guarantee (company number 5559147). We also believe in equal opportunities and aim to help anyone in need.

If you are able to help and support us in our work, call us on 01388 721509

Who Can Get Help?

Anyone can visit us and receive help, in the form of household goods, which we are happy to deliver - free of charge - to those within 12 miles of Chilton, with a small service charge to cover petrol costs for deliveries outside this range.

We have been steadily expanding and improving our operation and now serve over 2,000 people per month through our showrooms on the Chilton Industrial Estate - supplying them with everything from full bedroom suites through to washing machines, pots, pans, cutlery...

Links & Extra Info

Here is also some information about us from the Northeasthub.com