Durham Green Move Out 2017

Green Move Out

please don’t leave your accommodation without leaving your unwanted items for re-use

This year's colour is purple!

Reduce Waste. Support Charity.

Every year during the summer, thousands of students move between properties or away from Durham and Stockton. During this time a large amount of waste is generated in our Colleges and in the local area. The Green Move Out Scheme is a partnership between Durham University, Durham County Council, Durham Constabulary and County Durham Furniture Help Scheme (CDFHS) which aims to reduce waste and to support local charities including County Durham Furniture Help Scheme, Durham Palestine Educational Trust, East Durham Trust and A Way Out.


Since its launch in 2005, the Green Move Out Scheme has grown in size and effectiveness year on year. It has been promoted to other North East Universities, as well as forming part of the Zero Waste in Halls of Residence project.
The scheme also achieved an Award at the Altogether Greener Environment Awards 2011 and 2015, and was a Finalist in the EAUC Green Gown Awards 2016.

How it Works

FOLLOWING RECEIPT OF YOUR purple bags Students should place any unwanted items that are suitable for reuse into the coloured bag. Such items might include:
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Bedding
  • Electrical items
  • Pots & Pans
  • Crockery (please wrap if fragile)
The leaflet will also contain guidance as to how to donate additional items such as:
  • Books
  • Sealed non-perishable food e.g. tins and sealed packets of dry food
  • Sharp or fragile items

Additional PURPLE bags are available from The Reception Office in College accommodation or please call CDFHS on 01388-721509 or email info@cddhs.org.uk and items donated will be taken away and used to benefit local charities.

All food items that are collected are donated to A Way Out who is an outreach and prevention charity based in Stockton-on-Tees. They work with the most vulnerable and at risk individuals, seeking to empower and equip them to find a way out of life limiting and life controlling situations.

Any donated books are given to Durham Palestine Educational Trust who are an independent UK charity that assists the social and economic development of Palestine by providing scholarships for Palestinian graduates to study for Masters Degrees at Durham University.

Other general items donated for reuse are collected by CDFHS. The primary aim of CDFHS is to provide any individual in need with low-cost, affordable items - primarily furniture, but our scope has expanded in recent years to include all types of household items.

We repair and redistribute items which would otherwise go into a landfill, while also making available thousands of items of furniture and household goods every year to people from the region.

The inter-collegiate Green Move Out Awards recognise the colleges which collect the greatest number of bags of donated items and the figures for each College are entered into the Green Move Out Competition.

Bags and boxes are recorded by the charities (1 box = 1 bag). These determine the winners of the Green Move Out Competition which has three categories:

Pick Up Locations

  1. Bus Station Area
  2. Byland Lodge Area
  3. Claypath Area
  4. Neville’s Cross
  5. Sidegate Area
  6. The Sands
  7. Viaduct Area
  8. Whinney Hill Area

1. Bus Station Area

  • Atherton Street
  • Mitchell Street
  • East Atherton Street
  • New Street
  • Allergate
  • Allergate Terrace
  • Neville Street
  • Crossgate

2. Byland Lodge Area

  • John Street
  • Holly Street
  • Mistletoe Street
  • Lawson Terrace
  • Laburnum Avenue
  • Hawthorn Terrace
  • Juniper Way
  • May Street
  • The Avenue
  • Alexandria Crescent
  • Summerville
  • Briarville
  • Briardene
  • Colpitts Terrace
  • Nevilledale Terrace
  • Palatine Way

3. Claypath Area

  • Providence Row
  • Wanless Terrace
  • Finney Terrace
  • Claypath
  • Mayorswell Street
  • Mayorswell Field
  • Renny Street
  • Ellis Leazes
  • Douglas Villas
  • Leazes Place

4. Neville’s Cross

  • Neville’s Cross Bank
  • Neville Terrace
  • Quinn Terrace
  • Homer Terrace
  • Alma Terrace
  • Ward Court

5. Sidegate Area

  • Sidegate

6. The Sands

  • Orchard Drive
  • Ferens Park
  • Ferens Close
  • Wearside Drive
  • Magdalene Heights

7. Viaduct Area

  • Flass Street
  • Sutton Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Mowbray Street
  • Waddington Street

8. Whinney Hill Area

  • Old Elvet
  • Elvet Crescent
  • Mavin Street
  • Hallgarth Street
  • Hallgarth View
  • Whinney Hill
  • High Wood View
  • Boyd Street
  • Church Street
  • Mount Joy Crescent
  • Back Mount Joy
  • Stockton Road
  • Gladstone Terrace
  • Three Tuns

Contact Information

Our Warehouse

Unit 19 & 20, Avenue 3, Chilton Industrial Estate
County Durham, DL17 0PB

Charity Number: 1112344
VAT Number: 316 4266 14
Phone: 01388 721509
Email: info@cdfhs.org.uk

Volunteer at CDFHS

Download our application form and bring it to us here at CDFHS for a guaranteed interview.


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